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First… „Hi!“ and „Welcome!“ to my new Page. This is, well. Lets say… a „Placeholder“. Just to find out how the new Design works, and the Content behaves.To say it in a different way: I could place the famous „Under Construction-SIGN“ here on an empty Page, but…On this Website you`ll find my creative Work of those Departements like: Photography, Computergraphic-Art (CG-Art) and Music. Also i`ll deliver my Work in those Sections on a professional, commercial Level.

What this means… you`ll find out on the whole Page.Even if not everything is completly 100% done…. You, who ran into this Place, i wish much fun and kinda entertaining Time with exploring the World of the Cosmonomads.!

Willkommen im Buch der CosmoNOMADEN
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