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““Music was my first Love”... what a boring old Phraze, but then again: There`s a lot of Truth in it, when it comes to my Life!The first Thing i really loved was the Guitar my Grandad gave to me on my 12th Birthday.On this Page you`ll find everything i produced on the musical Site of my Life. From the traditional Song, over experimental breathtaking Excursions till fictive Soundtracks and Scores. I`ll upload that Audiomaterial in the next Weeks on the Sub-Page „CosmoNANT“.

Again it must be said: In this very Moment this is STILL under CONSTRUCTION!

Gibson L5G Gibson Les Paul Junior
Led Zeppelin-Collage in FLASH

My „Ladies“ and…. The first Heroes who showed me how to treat such Ladies!

Mehr als nur Led Zeppelin

2 Words: The Band

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