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OK…. Here i like to present my actual Musicproject to you.

„Homerecording“ is the Keyword, that i`ll like to explain a little. It all begun at the Time, when it was impossible to get a Band together, that would be industious enough to rehears 3 times the week on a constructive level!So i begun to to buy Studioequipment… piece after piece… and also Recordingsoftware for my Machine.After more than 30 Years doing Music it would not be that hard to get my Ideas realized…without Musicians.But… I sure knew good People, and therefore i never was alone in my little Studio. Friends (Guestmusicians is a weird word) came along to play this or that instrument…when needed. In the end that gave a Bandfeeling to the Songs. Cause i never ever would fix my Style-Ideas on one Kind…theCosmoNANT-Pieces are open in every direction.                                                Best is: Listen by YOURSELF!

Anhören? Kick!

By the way: In the Beginning of 2011 we`ll present the CosmoNANT for the first Time LIVE. The exact Date will be announced here soon enough!

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